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Feb 25

EU-Russia Energy Relations: signature of cooperation documents

Signature of an upgraded EU-Russia Early Warning Mechanism in the field of energy, and a Joint Statement to create a Joint Gas Advisory Group; a Joint Statement on Information Exchange within the EU-Russia Dialogue; a Common Understanding on the EU-Russia roadmap until 2050. Source & more info: http://europe.eu

Feb 07

New country file on Australia

Imports of energy from third countries: new country file on Australia. The European Union depends on imports of energy from other countries. One of the key priorities is therefore to run a strategic international energy policy which leads to stable and secure supply routes. In this section aggregated data are presented on the countries that …

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Feb 01

Public consultation: additional sustainability measures for solid and gaseous biomass

This consultation concerns sustainability criteria for energy uses of biomass other than biofuels and bioliquids. Following its Report on sustainability requirements for the use of solid and gaseous biomass sources in electricity, heating and cooling in February 2010 (COM(2010)11), the Commission is currently analysing the need for additional measures at EU level. This questionnaire seeks …

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Feb 01

Adoption of the Communication on the progress of renewable energy in the EU

Adoption of the Communication on the progress of renewable energy in the EU It shows that the 2020 renewable energy policy goals are likely to be met and exceeded if Member States fully implement their national renewable energy action plans and if financing instruments are improved. It also stresses the need for further cooperation between …

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Jan 25

Study “Financing Renewable Energy in the European Energy Market”

25/01 – Study “Financing Renewable Energy in the European Energy Market” Read more: http://ec.europe.eu The studies are subject to a disclaimer and copyright. The studies have been carried out for the European Commission and express the opinions of the organisations having undertaken them. The views have not been adopted or in any way approved by …

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Jan 24

24/01 – Memorandum of Understanding between the EU and the Republic of Uzbek

On 24 January 2011, the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of energy between the EU and the Republic of Uzbek has been signed in Brussels in the presence of UZ President Karimov and President Barroso. Commissioner Oettinger and HU Ambassador Peter Györkös signed for the EU side, and First Deputy Prime Minister …

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Jan 12

Annual Growth Survey

Advancing the EU’s comprehensive response to the crisis Europe has a comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis and to speed up Europe’s economic growth. It now needs to focus its efforts in a coordinated manner and with an eye on priorities. The Annual Growth Survey charts a clear direction on where Europe should be …

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