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Jan 10

China Plans To Ramp Up Solar-Power Capacity

China plans to more than double its installed capacity for solar electricity this year, a move that could breathe new life into Chinese solar manufacturers suffering heavy losses. In a speech at China’s annual national energy work conference dated Monday and released on Tuesday, Liu Tienan, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, …

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Dec 30

Watching Sandy, Ignoring Climate Change

Climate change is mentioned by Munich Re as a major culprit of increased weather-related losses, but lots o’ people say it is still a fringe, unproven myth.  Ahhhh, Americans–not all, but too many.  And, our presidential candidates did not mention it once in the debates, the first time since the early 80s that climate change …

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Dec 30

Solar Energy Is Ready. The U.S. Isn’t

Clean energy has become a dirty word in presidential politics. In their second debate, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each tried to outdo the other’s love of fossil fuels: Obama extolling his record on oil and natural gas production, Romney vowing to take “advantage of the oil and coal we have here.” The Republican candidate …

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Oct 04

The Social Cost of Carbon: How to Do the Math?

This year’s presidential campaign has shown that a gulf exists between the two candidates on America’s energy future — at least in theory. Mitt Romney opposes renewal of the federal wind energy tax credit and champions the exploitation of fossil fuels. President Obama advocates an “all of the above” strategy on energy but — after …

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Sep 21

August 330th Month Above 20th-Century Average Temperature

I’m sure it is just coincidence, a random 330 months in a row… The article below notes several measurements of climate, including Arctic ice. While I am not happy that that string of data is occurring, I am happy to see that Bloomberg published an article, and one without opinion or making it into a …

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Sep 14

Presidential Candidates’ Comments on Climate Change

He further clarified on Meet the Press yesterday, “I’m not in this race to slow the rise of the oceans or to heal the planet” (link to full transcript and video of the interview). While not explicitly using words, “climate change,” the rise of the oceans certainly is a direct reference–with the exact same wording …

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Sep 07

Elections and Why Keep on Typing?

Pretty frequently I ask myself why I keep posting random stories about climate change, alternative energy and the environment in our over-crowded cyber space. One, lame, answer I give myself is that quite a few of y’all seem to enjoy it and keep coming back to read. The real answer, though, is I feel so …

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Aug 30

Solarworld Connects 33 Megawatts of German Solar Plants to Grid

SolarWorld expands project business in Germany: PV plants with a total of 33 MW connected to the grid in record time (PV Magazine) Investors in photovoltaic systems are increasingly relying on high-quality products “Made in Germany” and “Made in USA” not only for installation on home or industrial roofs but also for installation on the …

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Aug 23

Travels: just in case you want another photo of German Solar…

Said SED: using economics to talk about alternative energy, climate change and the environment in an accessible way.

Aug 10

Travels: Wind Power in Croatia

Since I posted about solar in Germany, thought I needed to give wind power some lovin’ as I ride around Croatia.  I saw 4 different wind farms on the mountain ridges I we drove north to south.  Here are a few picts. I know nothing about wind power in Croatia, but do not feel like …

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