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Advertising on The New Energy Blog is relatively cheap and you have the possibility to choose for a short or long advertising period.





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Advertising rates

  • 1 day for € 3 € 2,50
    Ideal to see if the advertising at The Newenergy Blog delivers the desired result.
  • 3 days for € 9 € 7.50
    The ideal time to place an ad such as a weekend run on the site. Or perhaps three days before the start of an important event
  • 7 days for € 21 € 17.50
    A week long your banner on our site.
  • 14 days for € 37.80 € 31.50
    If you advertise 14 days you will receive 10% discount, you pay only € 2.70 € 2.25 per day.
  • 30 days for € 72 € 60
    If you have 30 days advertise get 20% discount, you pay only € 2.40 €2.00 per day.
  • 60 days for € 126 € 105
    If you advertise 60 days you will receive 30% discount, you pay only € 2.10 € 1.75 per day.
  • 90 days for € 162 € 135
    If you advertise 90 days you will receive a 40% discount, you pay the minimum rate of € 1.80 €1.50 per day.

* The above rates include VAT and are payable through Paypal & credit card.

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