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Add YOUR Story

Adding YOUR story to our site helps you gain increased visibility, increased promotion, and a larger audience than you might be able to reach on your own. We help our bloggers by providing a community that appreciates great content and access to larger promotional channels, such as Twitter.

Our Content is written by Newenergy pro’s like you!

The content on this site is collected worldwide or contributed by guestbloggers. All of it is moderated. That means that every published article has been reviewed and approved by our editors. Note that you have to be the author of the article and that you give us the right to publish your story!

You can add YOUR story in various ways:

  1. Add Your Story Incidentally. Your story will be reviewed an approved by our editors. This is very effective for incidental contributions.
  2. Become a Newenergy Blog author and submit your articles manually. At the bottom of each article there will be a small description about the author of the post.



1. Add Your Story Incidentally:

Go here and Add YOUR Story.



2. Become a Newenergy Blog author and submit your articles:

  1. Sign up and Login to our site
    In order to publish posts on our site, you’ll need to have a Newenergy Blog account. If you already have a Newenergy Blog account, login here. If not, sign up here. Once you’re complete, you’ll be redirected back to this page.
  2. Fill out your profile
    Before publishing your stories you need to fill out your profile. We like our posts to have a name and a face behind them.
    Once you’re logged in, click on My Profile on the top right of the page. Now click Edit Profile in the light grey user menu. In order to be published, you need to have a first name, last name, and avatar image. If you’re having trouble adding an image, please contact me, or leave a comment.
    If you’d like to have information about yourself appear at the end of the post, make sure you fill out the Bio field. Users wishing to connect with you also find it helpful if you add your Website and Twitter handle.
    Once you’ve entered all your information, scroll down and click the big, green Save button to make the changes live. Now you’re ready to add content!
  3. Add posts to our system manually
    We love to partner with bloggers who provide exclusive content to us by posting directly on our site. The benefits for bloggers include:
    – Access to our large audience
    – Increased visibility and recognition
    – Promotion through our network
    – Preferential page positionBe aware that material posted directly to our site is moderated for quality just like all the submissions we receive.If you’re logged in (do you see your user name on the top right of this page?) and ready to add your proof-read, on-topic post, click here to begin.

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