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PV Taiwan 2012, October 3-5, Taipei WTC

PV Taiwan 2012Driven by the huge surge in activity, the scale of PV Taiwan 2011 has grown 30% over the previous year. The exposition hosted 286 companies who are using 806 booths to link every endeavor in solar. More than 10,000 visitors from 60 countries around the world visited the exposition – a testament to Taiwan’s emerging leadership in PV cell production. PV Taiwan 2011 that encompasses the breakthroughs is proudly presented by TAITRA and SEMI to shed more light on Asia’s hottest industry!

PV Taiwan 2012
Show Dates: October 3-5
Venue: Exhibition: Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC)

Exhibits: PV Materials, Silicon Wafers/ Ingots, Solar Cells, PV Modules, BIPV, HCPV, Power Generator Systems, Processing Equipment, Evaluation / Testing / Analysis, Storage Batteries, Application Products

Forum: PV Taiwan Int’l Forum

More info: http://www.pvtaiwan.com/

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