Jun 20

REaction 2012 “Future of Renewable Energy”, July 26/27, Chennai

REaction 2012 is a learning and networking event for renewable energy, with a focus on the future trends and opportunities in this domain

REaction is much more than a conference. While REaction does have expert presentations, its focus is on enabling discussions, networking and partnerships happen in the field of renewable energy.

The event will be held on Jul 26 & 27, 2012

REaction 2012 will be held at the Chennai Convention Centre (also called the Chennai Trade Centre), Chennai’s largest convention centre for professional and industry events. see more

Content wise, the theme of REaction 2012 is “Future of Renewable Energy – Future Technologies, Processes, Business Models and Opportunities”

The main goal of REaction 2012 is however to make every participating take home something actionable – hence, the main goal is to make it as action oriented as possible.

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