Jun 20

AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition, October 9-11, Virginia Beach VA

About the Conference

The AWEA OFFSHORE WINDPOWER 2012 Conference & Exhibition brings together exhibitors and attendees from all over the world who are interested in becoming players in this new and highly promising market. The event will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia, VA.

Convention Center Address:
The Virginia Beach Convention Center
1000 19th Street
Virginia Beach, VA, 23451

Located near the industrial and maritime facilities of Norfolk and Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach is ideally suited for both this event and the build-out of an offshore wind industry. The area is an industrial and maritime hub. It is home to a number of world class ports, as well as the Norfolk Naval Station, the world’s largest naval station.

More info: http://www.offshorewindexpo.org/

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