May 24

Germany doubles photovoltaic solar energy capacity at start of 2012

Germany’s grid regulator yesterday confirmed that around 650 MW of new capacity was installed in January and February 2012, compared to around 366 MW in the same months of 2011.

But the industry has warned it faces a sharp contraction if the government presses on with plans for a bundle of incentive cuts that could total slash support for solar by 40 per cent.

The government is seeking to change a system of scheduled cuts, over concerns that the scale of installations has overtaken its renewable energy targets.

The German Bundestag, the lower house, approved the planned cuts on 29 March, however the Bundesrat – the upper house – could still appeal the decision.

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    Am looking at athe possibily of generating energy from cities Refuse collection. How possible is this?

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      Energy Blogger

      I’m sorry, I can’t help you since I have no experience on this subject. I’ll dive into this matter though.

      Perhaps somebody can add his story on this weblog, and share info on gaining energy from refuse collection?

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